The Aspire Team


Nikki Green

Case Manager

Advocacy and bringing a voice to those who are under-represented is where I have found my passion. Sticking with the status quo because, “this is how it has always been done,” is not how I operate. Every person has the right to experience their life their way, and I help bring that vision to reality.  


Jenny McKinney

Case Manager

I have always known I wanted to work in a field that would allow me to help others. It brings me joy to know that what I do matters and that I’m able to meet people where they are and leave them better than I found them.

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Zach Green

Case Manager

I started in this field back in 2014 working for a provider in Casper as a direct service  provider. Through the years I have developed skills to able to work and operate in this field and have developed a passion for helping people in need. I strive to be a great case manager that is willing to work through whatever needs may arise and develop skills to provide the best services possible. 


Victoria Ridgway

Case Manager

I am able to fulfill my passion for helping people when they are needing a hand up or to find a community connection or support to meet their goals.


Stephanie Singer

Case Manager Coordinator

I have always enjoyed being the gate keeper of all the things. I enjoy assisting everyone within the company each in their own way. Outside of the office, my work has always revolved around helping people in some way or another. I enjoy leaving a place better than it was when I arrived.  


Heather Grigg

Case Manager

Through my professional training as an occupational therapist I have found a love for helping people navigate and WIN at the job of life.  I strive to ensure that the people I serve have the tools and supports they need to engage in meaningful and purposeful activities within their homes and communities.  I believe Temple Grandin is right when she says “The world needs all kinds of minds,” and I can’t wait to meet them!