The Aspire Team


Nikki Green

Case Manager

Advocacy and bringing a voice to those who are under-represented is where I have found my passion. Sticking with the status quo because, “this is how it has always been done,” is not how I operate. Every person has the right to experience their life their way, and I help bring that vision to reality.  

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Jenny McKinney

Case Manager

I have always known I wanted to work in a field that would allow me to help others. It brings me joy to know that what I do matters and that I’m able to meet people where they are and leave them better than I found them.

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Zach Green

Case Manager

I started in this field back in 2014 working for a provider in Casper as a direct service  provider. Through the years I have developed skills to able to work and operate in this field and have developed a passion for helping people in need. I strive to be a great case manager that is willing to work through whatever needs may arise and develop skills to provide the best services possible. 

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Victoria Ridgway

Case Manager

I am able to fulfill my passion for helping people when they are needing a hand up or to find a community connection or support to meet their goals.

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Stephanie Singer

Case Manager Coordinator

I have always enjoyed being the gate keeper of all the things. I enjoy assisting everyone within the company each in their own way. Outside of the office, my work has always revolved around helping people in some way or another. I enjoy leaving a place better than it was when I arrived.  

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Carol Sims

Case Manager, Fremont

Being able to assist an individual in gaining or maintaining their independence gives me a purpose. I enjoy knowing that I am able to promote confidence in overcoming obstacles in a person’s life.

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Beth Sandlian

Case Manager, Fremont

I have been in the education field since 2006. During this time I have worked with people from newborns through adult ages in both general and special education. This experience has allowed me to discover my passion for helping people to learn, grow, and interact successfully with the community around them. 

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Heather Grigg

Case Manager in Training

Through my professional training as an occupational therapist I have found a love for helping people navigate and WIN at the job of life.  I strive to ensure that the people I serve have the tools and supports they need to engage in meaningful and purposeful activities within their homes and communities.  I believe Temple Grandin is right when she says “The world needs all kinds of minds,” and I can’t wait to meet them!

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