Developmental Disability Waiver

Description of Service

The Developmental Disability (DD) Waiver provides a menu of services for people who have an intellectual disability, developmental disability or acquired brain injury. The services provided through the DD Waiver assist people in accessing the community, gaining competitive employment and building relationships with others as independently as possible.

The role of the case manager begins early in the process of signing up for waiver services. Case managers serve as the “hub” of service coordination. During the application and waitlist phase, your case manager will assist with navigating the Medicaid application, psychological evaluations and develop a  targeted plan of care that helps the team to prioritize needs and set expectations for all parties. Your case manager then gets to work on finding and referring the participant and their family to other available community services while waiting for funding.

Once a participant receives their funding letter, the case manager assists participants and their family with developing a plan of care, discussing needs and services that can be fulfilled with waiver funds, interviewing, and touring providers and developing a plan of care with the team.

The participant and/or their family will have contact with their case manager monthly at minimum to ensure satisfaction with their plan of care, chosen services and providers.